20th July – Wednesday – arrival day
– Information service: Katowice Airport (Pyrzowice), Kraków Airport (Balice), the Diocesan Centre of WYD (Katowice)
– Receiving a group according to the arrangement of the Parochial Centre of WYD with a person responsible for the group (group reaches a parish at its own expense)
– Accommodation in families. Meal
– Holy Mass and night prayer in a parish

21st July – Thursday – deanery meeting
– Breakfast in families
– Meeting within the deanery (possibility of connecting adjoining deaneries)
• 9:30 Introduction of the groups
• 11:30 Holy Mass
• 13:00 Meal. Distribution of packed lunch
• 14:00 Visiting a city/Acts of mercy/Evangelization
• 18:00 Cultural-sports activity
– Return to a parish

22nd July – Friday – sightseeing
– Breakfast in families
– Holy Mass in a parish
– Distribution of packed lunch in a parish
– Sightseeing/Evangelization/Acts of mercy/Day of silence
– Return to a parish. Meal
– Prayer

23rd July – Saturday – meeting of all the groups on the Mount Carmel
– Breakfast in families
– Pilgrimage on the way of saint John Paul II: Katowice (The Cathedral of Christ the King) – Piekary Śląskie (the Sanctuary of Heavenly Mother of Justice and Social Love) – Katowice (Muchowiec Airport)
– 9:00 – 13:00 Meeting of groups in the cathedral and in the Sanctuary of Holy Mother of God in Piekary Śląskie. Meal
• Visiting the basilica and Holy Mother of God Painting in Piekary Śląskie. Catechesis – the social teaching of saint John Paul II (language groups)
– 15:00 – 22:30 Katowice – Muchowiec Airport
• 15:00 Beginning, concert – introduction of international communities
• 16:30 The Mount Carmel – test of faith (Elijah – the prophet like fire)
• 17:00 Scapular of Holy Mother – test of hope (Scapular – vestment that protects)
• 17:30 The fire of Divine Mercy – test of love (God plenteous in mercy)
• 18:15 Holy Mass
• 19:30 Meal
• 21:00 Concert, prayer, play
• 22:30 Ending and departure to a parish
– 23:00-00:00 Return to place of accommodation

24th – Sunday – day in a parish
– Breakfast in families
– Holy Mass in a parish
– Dinner in families
– Parochial meeting
– Meal in a parish
– Prayer in a parish (time schedule according to the arrangement of a parish)

25th July – Monday – departure day
– Breakfast in families
– Ending in a parish
– Departure of a group to Cracow (time schedule according to the arrangement of the parish and the group)