Benedykt XVI o wolontariuszach ŚDM:

Benedict XVI about the volunteers of WYD:
‘’Together with your own time, the human being always gives a part of his life. At the end, those young people were apparently and tangibly full of huge glow of happiness: their devoted time made sense; just by giving their time and work, they found their time, the life. Thus, one basic thing became evident for me: those young people offered a piece of their life in faith, neither because someone ordered it to them, nor because in that way the heaven is gained as well as not because in that way the danger of hell is missed. They did not do that because they wanted to be perfect. They did not look back on themselves. (…) How many times the life of Christians is marked by the fact that they look essentially at themselves, they do good, we may say, for themselves! How big is for all the people the temptation to care, first of all, about yourself, to concentrate on yourself, and in this way, becoming internally empty (…). However, here we did not mean the perfecting of yourself or having your life for yourself. Those young people did good only because doing good is beautiful, that being for other people is beautiful.
The only thing we have to venture is the leap. All these were preceded by the meeting of Jesus Christ, the meeting which lights in ourselves the love in relations to God and other people as well as liberates us from looking for our own ‘’me”.
20-25 of July 2016 are very important days for our archdiocese. In this time, the young people from all over the world are coming to the particular dioceses for ‘’Missionary Week’’, also called ‘’Days in dioceses’’. For this time, Poland is going to be called ‘’Campus Misericordiae’’ and the particular dioceses are going to be called by the Biblical names. Our diocese in Katowice is going to be called ‘’Mount Carmel’’. A long time of strenuous preparations in order to treat the young people in the finest way is ahead of us. To do so, we need the help of many volunteers who, among other something, know the languages very well and who are communicative, open and primarily, who have in their heart a huge desire of moving closer people to God and the help of the other person. Together we can do more! More exact information regarding the voluntary service and the possibility of helping in organizing the WYD will appear soon so since today we are encouraging you to follow the information about the course of the preparation on our webpage and facebook!

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