We invite you to the cooperation with this great work which was entrusted by Pope Francis – World Youth Day whose organizer in 2016 is Cracow and the whole Poland. In our archdiocese, in particular parishes, we would like to receive about 20 000 young pilgrims from different parts of the world, therefore, we encourage you to create, in consultation with the pastors, The Parochial Centres of WYD, consisting of a few people who, with a close cooperation with the parish priest of the given parish, will be responsible for the coordination of the preparation and for the receiving of the participants of WYD in the parish.

The competences of The Parochial Centre of World Youth Day:
– The prayer for World Youth Day.
– The cooperation with the pastors in parishes concerning the organization of World Youth Day.
– The cooperation with The Diocesan Centre of the Preparation of World Youth Day and with the coordinator in the region.
– Caring about the formation – participating in the spiritual preparations to World Youth Day.
– Promoting World Youth Day in the parish.
– The preparation and the coordination of the pilgrims’ stay in the parish during ‘’Missionary Week’’.
– The coordination of the project ‘’Ticket For Brother’’ in the parish.

We ask you for the prayer for this aim and we count on your engagement in the voluntary service!