The time of hard preparation is ahead of us. So as to prepare WYD as well as we can in the diocese, we need the help of many volunteers who, among others, know the languages very well and who are communicative, open and primarily, who have in their heart a huge desire to move closer people to God and the help of the other person.

At the diocesan level, we are going to work in the following sections:
– Languages (translating of the materials, the international contact, training for volunteers),
– Voluntary Service (the coordination of the parochial centres of WYD),
– Secretariat (the international contact, the contact with the supporting entities, the correspondence, the data flow),
– Spirituality (the formation and the prayer, the meetings in the regions, the preparation of the materials for the formations),
– The Continuation (the pastoral programme after WYD),
– Logistics (the preparation of the symbols’ peregrination of WYD, logistics during ‘’Missionary Week”),
– ‘’Missionary Week’’ (the coordination of the regions, the programme for the main events in the diocese),
– Ticket For Brother (the coordination of the project on the help for the young people from the East),
– Finances (the coordination of financial issues),
– Mass Media (WYD in the media area, the cooperation with Catholic and secular mass media),
– Promotion (leaflets, movies, promotional materials).

Just now we encourage the young people to join in this work, filling in a form.