The second meeting before WYD 2016 was held in St. Mary’s Church in Katowice. During the Eucharist we could hear how important the life in peace and composure is. Life of patience and politeness may lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven. The fact of revealing the joy of being with Jesus became the essence of the sermon. We should pursue all the time the real love of God and our neighbour!

After the Holy Mass, fr. Krzysztof Biela delivered a conference on humility. It was a great lecture which took up the matters of the youth who still learn the world. The priest emphasized the problem of ‘’putting on a mask” which can make us different people. While this kind of behaviour makes our life slightly easier, on no account does it help us to accept our drawbacks. Hearing a compliment, we are not able to accept it, still looking at the undesirable things. The incessant self-development is vital for the volunteers, although, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t appreciate the gift of humility, which is presented to us by God. Jesus, who was always Himself, calls us to follow Him and throw off the mask which hinders us. In fact, we don’t need it, we are infinitely more beautiful without it!

Then, we participated in the Eucharistic Adoration during which we contemplated the mysteries of the rosary through the intercession of Mary. Next, we went to the Centre of the Youth and Evangelization of the Archdiocese of Katowice to spend some time stimulating our creativity. It was time of heated debate on advertising WYD among people who didn’t hear about that. All of us were divided into groups in which we could start our brainstorm. The outcome was impressive! We
collected plenty of interesting ideas which we are going to fulfill in the short run.
At the end we had Apel Jasnogórski with prayer for WYD. The photos from the meeting are available here: The meeting of youth of Archdiocese of Katowice on the way to WYD2016 – October.

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